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Sunday, 6 June 2010

[Trans] Beautiful love – Seventeen Magazine

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her name is pronnounced Oomasa but im not sure to put spell in Oomasa or Omasa
Omasa Aya x Yoochun
SEVENTEEN model Aya-chan and Asia’s big star Yoochun-san is co-casts on the Bee TV drama!! They told ST(seventeen) the behind the set story to us only.

Playing the couple role!

ST model Omasa Aya-chan co-casted with Yoochun-san who has many passionate fans all over Asia in a Bee TV drama!! Aya-chan plays the role of “loves to day dream and wants to become a novel writer that’s 22 years old” Hinata.
Aya-chan (after this it will be Aya) “This is my first time playing a women that works. The outfit is different from usual and for the role I dyed my hair a bright color too. For the scene when I get drunk I asked my make-up artist before the scene “what am I supposed to do!?” *laugh*.

With the tight schedule, the filming took place in the Kantou area and it seemed that the filming was fun. And this was Yoochun-san’s first time acting in Japanese!!

Yoochun: It was a lot of pressure!!!! The first day I couldn’t eat anything-
Aya: You said you couldn’t sleep either right?
Yoochun: Yeah. Even when we started I was so nervous. It went away since I became close with everyone but….. I worked hard……
Aya: Yoochun-san’s acting and Japanese kept getting better and it made me amazed!! I only had a little bit of lines in Korean and I was stressed. I was really amazed that he remembered the lines without sleeping!!.
The set had a bright atmosphere that was full with Japanese and Korean jokes.
-Is there an episode of the first time you guys met?
Yoochun: I saw her picture first but when I actually met her she had black hair and looked more of an adult then me~
Aya: That time you gave me a CD right?
Yoochun: After I introduced myself I couldn’t say anything….. I was embarrassed(shy). ……..Okay, good bye! *laughs*
Aya: Wait, don’t leave~*laugh*!! I was really nervous at first too. Its my first time acting with an artist. But I was able to become close with the staffs and other casts.
Yoochun: The environment was really good! It was a set full of laughter
Aya: Sometimes he would say something really weird. What was it, penpen?
Yoochun: Oh!! “Oshiri penpen ball pen”♡ Its a Japanese joke!!
Aya: Ahahaha!
Yoochun: its always like this
Aya: Also he’s always whistling
Yoochun: I actually wanted to sing a song but I was too full with what I have to do. Next time *laugh*
On this interview day Yoochun-san cranked up (ended filming).
Yoochun: I had someone write how to read the word next to the kanji on my script, practiced acting,and it was hard but it was a work that left a lot of memories. The pure love story  ofcourse but please give attention to my acting too.
Aya: There are sad scenes, and there are scenes that are like love comedy with Yoong-su!
Like Hinata and Yoong-Su even though their first impression was the worst is there a time when you gradually started to get attracted to that person!?
Aya: I may have.
Yoochun: For me umm…… Aya-chan is the first time. That’s a lie!! Okay, good bye!! *laughs*

source: nonchan-jj
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
Shared by : TVXQ_Red Letters