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Friday, 2 July 2010


Yunho sign to OUTFLY

credit : baidu
shared by : TVXQ_RED LETTERS

Yunho TVXQ "I want to show new yunho to everybody (Fans)"

TVXQ Leader Uknow Yunho was released DVD-BOX of South Korea drama "Heading to the ground/No Limit" on the market,who starred first was put on the market. The story of the taking a picture secret story and the activity in the future was heard from yunho that had challenged the actor for the first time.

As for this work, the hero and "bongun" also who is the troublemaker begin to draw the appearance that grows up while doing the fierce battle fighting hard to soccer in love,in freshness,though it is a soccer player who has the talent. Work that is telecasted in South Korea of last year, is paid attention to acting of hurling oneself about yunho. It is viewpoint full loading such as scenes that jump into in water and the flame to say nothing of the soccer scene.

The drama starring is the first time in music though it is yunho as the artist that is greatly active. Acting peeped at confidence , saying that "The actor was able to show you the one side of yunho of a soft, gentle image and me new though he had shown me with a tough, strong image in the stage". He promised powerfully continuously , saying that "I wanted to challenge interesting in the future positively, and to show various yunho. I seem to feel response in myself as the actor. "

Yunho looks back on taking a picture. Soccer was practiced for the post making at intervals of the schedule. It was possible to grow up through this experience though it was hard.

Basketball and snowboard were given to yunho that revealed doing soccer player's post, and coming to the favor actually and other favorite sports.

Yunho to answer individual question politely. It was possible for Japanese to look for deep-rooted and popularity to the character of gentle yunho in sincerity.

When hearing it about the anxious actor.For the actor, Takeshi Kanagi. "He has one's own style." He answered. Hayao Miyazaki supervisor's name was enumerated in a favorite Japanese creator.

Yunho that revealed practice of first musical "Imperial prince" (Crown Prince's post),starts too. The hope in the future was spoken , saying that "He is dreamt to write the scenario because He liked to write".

"The sphere of endeavor of yunho in the future is infinity. I am believed and it works hard positively even if it might be painful.What I want to be going to work hard more more in the future, and to show new yunho to everybody of the fan. Eyes were made to sparkle solving. Own sticking to clearly : , saying that "Never regret". Hear by me that can amuse us by challenging in the future." said Yunho

DVD "Heading to the ground/No Limit" BOX I&BOXII is being put on the market from the Avex entertainment for 15,750 yen (including tax).

"Heading to the ground/No Limit" original sound track is put on the market from the Avex entertainment for 3,360 yen (including tax) from August 25.

source : susachiko
Translated by : TVXQ_Red Letters

SMTOWN Live 10 to happen this August

Although there’s no official word about this yet, it looks like SMTOWN Live 10 will be taking place this August.
SMTOWN Live 09 had been sensationally postponed at the very last moment due to a lawsuit filed by 3 TVXQ members, although most felt that the reason given by SM Entertainment was unconvincing.
Almost a year later, it looks like it will finally happen this year after a SNSD fan spotted an advertisement plastered on a bus, promoting the concert extravaganza. This year, it will be held on 21st August at Seoul’s Jamshil stadium, starting from 5pm and ending at 10 at night. Click the picture below for a larger view.

The list of performers include KangTa, BoA, U-Know, Max, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), Trax and all SMTown artists and one thing to note was the word “World Tour” affixed at the top of the logo, although it could really mean anything. So stay tuned for more details which should be forthcoming soon. 

Source : ALKPOP

A live report of JYJ is published in monthly cellular phone music magazine 【mu-mo MAGAZINE】

(2010.7.1) A live report of JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN is published in monthly cellular phone music magazine 【mu-mo MAGAZINE】 issued at 7/1 (Thursday).

It is right,now GO to 【mu-mo MAGAZINE】.

|The address is sent to the cellular phone. |

Monthly cellular phone music magazine 【mu-mo MAGAZINE】 is issued during a day of every month. ♪

Translated by : TVXQ_Red Letters
Source :

[INFO] 100701 No LIMIT Goodies

【 mu-mo shop subscription period 】Monday, 16:00 5th of July 2010

【Kobe international house [kokusai] hall goods sales on Sunday, July 4】

- Begin to sell the goods hall : at 10:00

1 and 2 tickets are bought and the customer who has it and the ticket on that day can be bought for the customer who is not possession and all customers at ten o'clock.
Please the time zone that cannot be bought by the situation on that day is acknowledged beforehand though it passes after the the end of a show of two and sales are scheduled.

- The hall sales time might change by the situation on that day. Please acknowledge it.
- Please acknowledge being not able to use the credit card in the hall.
- It is when becoming a sales termination as soon as the commodity is lost. Please acknowledge it beforehand. 

Source :
Translated by : TVXQ_Red Letters