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Sunday, 6 June 2010

[Trans] 100604 Xiah Junsu Non-No Magazine – To Seal Up The Gags For Good

A must-read, honest interview…

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July Edition Interview
–Using the name XIAH junsu to newly commence his solo activities, Junsu has many hidden entanglements and frustrations that he has always been holding in his heart… Now, let us talk about our thoughts together.
“Although I’ve always used the name Junsu in Japan, I use Xiah Junsu when I’m promoting activities in Korea. Even though I’m debuting as a soloist this time, I wanted to change my name because I want it to be closer to my own self.
On a larger front, I wanted to express the artist in me, conveying the best of myself to everyone. Up until now, I’ve always earnestly worked hard, wanting to stand up on that stage as an artist.
However, in Japan, I don’t know when this started but it seems as if everyone has been focused on my amusing gags and such, right? From the beginning, whether it’s saying gags or assuming the role of the mood maker, I’ve always liked it, but that’s just one part of me. If there are times when people only focus on that part of me, honestly, I will sometimes feel despondent.”

–Because of these dilemmas, Junsu openly expressed that he wanted to “seal up the gags for good”.
“I can say that I put effort into doing them, but everyone didn’t treat my efforts seriously (laughs). Even though it’s still me, I still sometimes think ‘changing so fast right now feels weird…’ On one hand I feel distressed, but on the other hand, I’m really happy about it. I’ve just been moving forward with this contradiction.”

–He wanted to display the artist side of him and not the joking side of him… Carrying this hope, his first single “XIAH” is a new name for him.
His self-composed song “Intoxication” applied the strong, sexy R&B style. The “mature Junsu” feeling that hasn’t been tried until now.

“This song was written when I went to the Han River after work on the car. It was winter so it was really cold and the water had already turned into ice, so it was really regretful. As I gazed into the distance, I thought, ‘when will this ice melt?’ and a small melody just floated into my mind.”

–As an artist, Junsu is very interested in music production.
“I have a lot of inspiration when I drive around or when I watch movies. As the melody drifts around in my mind, I tend to forget to eat and become deeply engrossed in creating the piece. But as I look on the table in front of me, I will sometimes think that it isn’t right. At times like these, I will immediately cheer up and become stimulated again (laughs). Songs aren’t able to be thought through while you’re composing it at the same time, but rather sudden inspirations that strike you.”
–Another song included is “Kanashimi No Yukue”, a sorrowful ballad. This song was chosen by Junsu among 20 other songs.
“Compared to the ending of a relationship, a deteriorating one makes people feel even more miserable. Lyrics that include such feelings can be felt from the bottom of the heart. Maybe, one of the lovers has had a change of heart?
If it were me, I would chase the other person back. Although in my work and other areas, I have to maintain my pride, love is the only thing that can make me throw it away. That is my style. Whether it’s apologizing or doing anything else, I will do the best that I can. However, if the problem didn’t originate from me… I need to fully comprehend the situation.
The heart, is something that cannot be swayed by others, but something that can be changed by oneself.”
–His maturity can be perceived through his preference and views on music.
“Up until now, there hasn’t been a deep impression of my serious expressions.” If that’s the case, “Don’t I seem really mature today? So far, the word ‘maturity’ has only been used on myself when I purposely try to be that way (laughs)”, Junsu still loves to joke around!
“The playful and cheerful me is the real me, and the serious me is also the real me. I still want to display the many more sides of me, starting from now, slowly revealing a little bit at a time to everyone. Please don’t be too shocked!” (laughs)

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