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Thursday, 3 June 2010

[Trans] 100602 YunHo: I Will Definitely Participate in MJ’s Tribute Concert

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Leader of Asia’s popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki, UKnow YunHo is determined to participate in Michael Jackson’s tribute concert.

UKnow YunHo has expressed that he will definitely take part in Michael Jackson’s tribute concert despite its indefinite postponement. The concert that was originally scheduled on the 8th of June at Wembley Arena (England) was postponed indefinitely by its organizing body. Whether the concert will be carried out as planned, or whether the only Asian representative UKnow YunHo will take part in it, it has attracted much attention by the fans. YunHo has also expressed that he will continue to practice according to the original plan and at the same time keep track of the developments on this issue.

YunHo, being one of the participants in this tribute concert, has become a topic among fans. People who had music relationships with Michael Jackson in the past will also be attending this concert.
YunHo takes this performance seriously, being a fan of Michael Jackson and also having the chance of standing on the same stage with other top stars. He felt that it had significant meanings being able to do so. Therefore he stated that he has to attend that performance even if he has to adjust his other schedules.
Three months ago, YunHo did a great job on stage for this performance. Though there were some slight issues, it still left a deep impression on fans. He performed ‘Beat It’, ‘Smooth Criminal’, ‘They Don’t Really Care About’, ‘Jam’, ‘Thriller’, with a total of 5 songs.

UKnow YunHo will also be well prepared for his next performance of this tribute concert.

Source: BaiduTVXQ + Hankooki
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