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Thursday, 3 June 2010

[FANACC] 100602 "Give Me TVXQ" gives blessings to Yoochun
"2nd FloorText Version ======================= ========================= ==== 

He is gentle and sentimental Park one day 

He is a sweet smiling Park 

He is a type a paragraph of the Park money

 He is a kind of filial piety, Park round

 He is the warmest TVXQ presence 

He is our favorite secret odd one day 

Ventilation nerves sometimes thrown away 

Sometimes sentimental tear down a man named 

Sometimes the rise of the moving song created 

His singing

 His piano

 Killing smile of his 

Challenge his acting 

These beautiful, handsome, gentle, sentimental 

Splendid collection of images in our memory 

Are the most familiar one day 

A child born of love

Bid farewell to 61 of childish innocence occasion 

Ushered in the most beautiful day of our6.4 - Park a day Happy Birthday! 

Give me TVXQ One day you celebrate birthday 

The Cantonese Park invites you to a day of new plays

Living on the Japanese

The mystery of exotic writing a love song written

Life experience? Love? 

Watch his drama in BeeTV - beautiful love
All Staff of Give me TVXQ"

Hope the translator are right,ahahahahaha~ 

credit : baidutvxq + Give Me TVXQ
shared by : TVXQ_onfacebook