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Thursday, 3 June 2010

[PIC] Junsu single "Xiah Junsu" in Umeda Japan

Hi finally, I come back to fill my blog again..fiuhhh
ehm, you know, I'm a huge fans of tohoshinki esp.Xiah Junsoo, and so far I've never bought their CD or DVD in the same day as the release date. But on May 26th 2010, I went to Umeda, from Umeda station walk to Chayamachi to Tower Record and I got Junsoo's new single...
I also bought some for Lola, friend in Indonesia. She's also Junsoo die hard fans like me,XDD.
I read from fanblog, heard from friends that Junsoo's single almost sold out everywhere also in Japan. I didnt really beleive it bcoz that day was the release date and how come it's just sold out? Then I walk to Tower Record,and yapp,there're some woman stay on Junsoo's single area. I saw many people walk around holding Junsoo's CD. There're also some junior and senior high school student came to buy the single. All of them praise Junsoo and keep giving a praise to Junsoo,like sugoi,kakkoii,etc.
In Tower Record, they have 2 spaces for Junsoo single, one is near entrance so that each person who enter Tower Record area will easily see Junsoo's stand and the other one is bigger and has video on it. We can see the PV also can hear all tracks from the album.
On the display I saw many CD's,but it's the replica. Luckily, I could buy mine and Lola.If it's sold out I should reserved 1st,ahh it's too much.
So here's some pictures of the single and Junsoo's stall in Tower Record...

Pictures credits :Fani Atmanti
Junsoo's single CD : Canon EOS 450D + Junsoo's stand in Tower Records was taken by Iphone.

credit : as tagged
shared by : TVXQ Red Letters
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