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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

[Info] 100627 SM causing TVXQ to provide thirty billion won (news article correction)

The three person (Jaechunsu) insisted on the exclusive contract invalidity of the SM entertainment, and the damages case of three billion won was instituted.

The duration of policy 13 years are three member contracts "in fact according to the central Seoul local method academy at all one's life on the 28th. It was insisted exclusive contract "and the exclusive contract effect existing material confirmation claim filed suit ..the amount of damages that had to be borne when the contract cancellation was done largeness too much and unjustified...

28days Three members are ..".. contracts of year of 13 of duration of policy according to a central district court in Seoul on the day at virtual all one's life. It was insisted exclusive contract "and the effect existing material confirmation claim of an exclusive contract filed suit when the contract was released damages that had to be borne largeness and unjustified... It was continuously assumed, "SM activity of causing of TVXQ ran, and because the income that had been obtained before was an unjust enrichment based on invalidity and an exclusive contract, the total 10 billion won of one member was provided by one billion won", and demanded compensation for damages.

First of all, three person corporate lawyer [insanhyoku] of the legal representative [dearu] [seishuu] legal affairs ..".. demanded to provide one billion won per person on the 28th. The article of 10 billion people is false reports though the amount of money will increase further in the future. The amount of the demand of final compensation was said " regulations yet... "

These had been to have foreseen the damages case at that time at the time of accepted the provisional disposition of the stop application of the effect of an exclusive contract of Seoul central district court last July. At that time, the court accepted these provisional depositions, assumed, "Do not obstruct original Setsu's public entertainments activity until the decision of this idea lawsuit went out", and guaranteed the three readers' activities. Three members have done an activity original as fan meeting is held in Japan since then.

SM also instituted three people in April this year and the objection statement and this idea lawsuit concerning the confirmation of the existence of an exclusive contract etc. of the decision of the provisional disposition of the effect stop of an exclusive contract were instituted to the other party. Moreover, to compensate for the damage amount 2.2 billion won per three member by the release of the cosmetics advertisement model fee and the concert, it demanded.

Both sides failed in mutual agreement though the court went out to this to arbitrate. It will be expected that it will continue for a long time in the future gloomy court offense and defense because 3 tvxq's member causing institute the action for damages of three billion won. SM put off an official answer as "The content of three members' action for damages was not able to be transmitted" on the 28th.

Translated by : TVXQ_Red Letters
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