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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

[Fanaccount] 100501 Korean Restaurant in Shinjuku

I am now on holidays in Japan, and yesterday, when I was in Shinjuku with my friend I saw a Korean restaurant with some pictures of TVXQ outside:
And next to them, there was also a picture of Yunho with his signature on it ^^ So I just came into the restauramt and ask one of the waiters If TVXQ use to go there for lunch/dinner. He told me that Yunho was there a year ago having dinner. I asked If any of the other members were there with him as well, and he said that it was only Yunho. Then he suddenly told me in English “Yunho very handsome boy” hahaha, I started to laugh and answered him back saying that he is indeed very handsome.
I was so happy for finding this restaurant, even If it is not a big thing, it made me feel closer to him ^^
He also told me that he is very polite :-)

Tower record taken today (100602)
Also, I was checking and they have almost every album and singles that Tohoshinki have released in Japan. I was missing some of the singles, so I bought them ^^ [just in case any international fan is travelling to Japan and wish to buy Toho-cds ;-) ]

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