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Saturday, 26 June 2010

[FANART] Timeless Manga (Timeless 漫画)

 This manga's created based on Timeless MV which sang by Xiah Junsu and Zhang Li Yin...
manga (japanese) = comic (english)

The one must be remembered
- This manga is not the original manga of Timeless MV - 
(We don't know if there any manga such like this,then SME was making the story from the manga.So if it was any of them,we apologized.)

The name of the characters and some part of the story changed during the making,cause the comic maker tell it so hard to reunite the story as one part of the story in 24 page with english version..
Some of the picture and the text maybe messy because she made it manually (actually she's not using computer)

But we are thanked to her to make this comic and excuse us to put our name on her comic..

This is the original post from her to us,we just add her name and our name here...


Page 1

Page 2


Page 3

Page 4


Page 5

Page  6

Page 7

Page  8

Page 9

Page  10

Page 11

Page  12

Page 13

Page  14

Page 15

Page  16

Page 17

Page  18

Page 19

Page  20

Page 21

Page  22

Page 23

Page  24

- This manga is created just for fun,no purpose to remark and recopy the MV -

- We waiting for your comment here -

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Shared by : TVXQ_Red Letters